Minecraft Snapshot 19w35a

17 November, 2022

Minecraft Snapshot 19w35a

Last week, we introduced you to the Bees and many of you have been asking us about the theme for the update. The bees are only half of the story, the other half is bugs! We want to get things done a little slower with this update. So, from now until the end, we will be bringing you a better Minecraft experience.

Changes in 19w35a

- Bees are now trying to avoid water

- Bee Nests are becoming more rare. They won't spawn unless they have air in front of their front sides.
If a Villager attempts to sleep in a player's bed, the Villager is kicked out.
- A few bugs fixed

Fixed bugs in 19w35a

MC-849 – When you eat a food item, drink potion, cure zombie or feed an animal, there is a chance that you will also consume a second food item/ potion without animation

MC-3984: A re-created Hardcore video isn't Hardcore unless it cycles through different game modes and resets to Hardcore
MC-11944 – End portal can be replaced with buckets in hand, or dispenser
MC-15862: Dying enderman teleports away when he falls into water; gets experience to the destination for teleportation
MC-30646- The hardcore game is not deleted
MC-47091: Slimes and Magma Cubes, Ocelots and Iron Golems do not use generic.attackDamage Attribute
MC-63720 – Banners don't move in wind if they are above a certain "Time" value.
MC-84963: End gateway blocks can easily be broken using a water bucket or lava bucket
MC-88179 - Armor bar disappears after changing dimension until GUI update
MC-88209: Endermen make a stare sound even when they are attacked.
MC-101700 - Missing server side check in enderman Teleport
MC-107941: Shooting, summoning, editing or editing an arrow, and reloading world gives potion particles
MC-115567: Enderman's stare sound won't play if it was created less than 20 seconds ago
MC-125810: Survival mode can't be enchanted with carved pumpkin
MC-136074: Enderman can teleport onto flooded blocks
MC-144688: Projectiles (snowballs etc.) do not save item data if the item is used to deplete the stack
MC-144766: Chunks stop rendering on the respawn screen
MC-145587: Endermen can teleport into water without taking damage to avoid a projectile
MC-148865 – Title screen panorama becomes white after you click "Delete World" in hardcore mode
MC-152839 – Screen shakes on death
MC-154280: The nitwit wears a badge even though the unemployed villager don't have one because they can't trade.

MC-156856: Ravager's pathfinding AI is broken when Ravager meets a Pillager Patrol
MC-159190 – Duplication issue with consumables
MC-159357 - Bee breeding does not count toward "Two by Two" (minecraft:husbandry/bred_all_animals) advancement progress
MC-159429: Switching to another item while you are consuming honey will make it into a empty glass bottle
MC-159446: Bees get pollen from the lower half of sunflower
MC-159456: Bees hover one pixel above ground when they sit on the ground
MC-159472 - Trees that are spawned from saplings may have bee nests
MC-159476 – The hitbox's Bee model is not properly centered
MC-159574: When switching to an item while drinking a potion the item is replaced by an empty bottle. The slot with the potion can be cleared.
MC-159733: Craftable beehives are not flammable
MC-159825 – Honey Bottle not included with A Balanced Diet advancement