Easy minecraft nether achievments

The advancement system in Minecraft gives players goals and challenges that will help them complete the game. In Minecraft, players can access the advancement tab by pressing the L key.

There are five categories that can be divided into advances: Minecraft, The End (Nether), The End (Nether), Adventure and Husbandry. Because they require players to explore the dark realms of Minecraft, Nether advancements can often scare beginners.

Some Nether advancements may not be as difficult as players think. If you don't want to complete all the advancements, there are some easier ones that can be used. This article outlines five simple advancements that can be used to enter the Nether realm.

5) A Terrible Fortress

One of the most important advancements in Minecraft is the Terrible Fortress. To obtain this advancement, players will only need to enter a nether castle. You don't have to explore the whole fortress. One step will grant you A Terrible Fortress advancement.

4) Those Were The Days

You can also get Those Were The Days, which is similar to A Terrible Fortress advancement. This advancement can be obtained by players entering a bastion fragment.

Bastion remnants are able to generate in any biome within the Nether, except basalt Deltas. To unlock a new advancement in Minecraft, players can find a chest within a bastion.

3) Into Fire

Into Fire is one of the most popular advancements in Minecraft. Because it's so easy to obtain, players often forget about this advancement.

You can get Into Fire advancement by collecting and defeating blaze rods. Players will receive A Terrible Fortress advancement when they complete Into Fire, since blazes can only spawn in the nether castles.

2) Who Cuts Onions?

This advancement, as players might have guessed involves crying obsidian. Who are Cutting Onions? A crying obsidian block can help you move forward.

Bartering with piglins is the best way to get crying obsidian. A progression called Oh Shiny can also be obtained by bartering with piglins. The Who is Cutting Onions achievement can also be obtained by players. It is easier to make advancement in the Overworld than it is in the Nether.

1) Hot Tourist Destination

Hot Tourist Destination is the same thing as Adventuring Time advancement, but it's set in the Nether dimension. Hot Tourist Destination can be obtained by exploring the four nether dimensions.