Best villager mods in Minecraft

There are many passive mobs in Minecraft, including villagers. These mobs are considered to be the most useful in Minecraft, as they can be used to trade.

The villagers haven’t changed since Minecraft 1.14 Village & Pillage updated, and they will likely stay the same for a while. Mods allow players to add new features to make interaction with villagers more enjoyable.

5) Talking Villagers

This mod adds voice lines for villagers. Villagers will talk to the player if they pass by them. This mob has many features, including snorting sound effects and a smile.

Get the mod here.

4) Millenaire

The mod changes everything about the villages and its inhabitants. These village structures look much better than the usual ones.

This mod will replace the Minecraft villagers with NPCs who are more human-like. The mob can be helped to grow by players trading with them new items, such as Indian food and statues.

Get the mod here.

3) More Villagers

Minecraft now has quite a few traders as of version 1.17. Players can create a variety of new professions with the More Villagers Mod. This will greatly assist in gathering items for survival mode. This mod also allows you to be a florist, engineer, or enderologist.

Get the mod here.

2) Guard Villagers

This mod simplifies the task of the player by requiring that the villagers defend their villages. Although Minecraft has iron golems to assist with this task, it is possible for them to be overwhelmed by the fierce mobs.

Shift+right click on an unemployed villager, or a nitwit to make new guards.

Get the mod here.

1) Easy Villagers

This mod adds game-changing features to make it easier to deal with villagers. You can carry the mob as an item. They can also be placed inside blocks and added to their inventory.

There are blocks that can be used by villagers of different professions and a block that can be used to breed animals. This mod has many other features.