Best horror maps in Minecraft

Although Minecraft is not considered a horror video game by many, it does have its fair share horror maps. Many of Minecraft's legends are based on horror.

Many players wish Vanilla Minecraft was more scary. The only scary thing in Vanilla Minecraft are mobs. Many horror maps exist, so many players may struggle to find the ones that are truly scary.


10) Shimmer

A few college students created Shimmer as a tournament map. It's puzzle-oriented. Gamers must solve puzzles in order to advance through the map and win.

Puzzles involve placing paintings at the right spot and navigating through a maze. The map comes with a resource pack.


9) The Mystery Box

Although this horror map is quite short, it's full of scares and fun. This map is puzzle-like and was inspired by The Orphanage horror map.

This map works best when played with Optifine. Players can also use the dynamic lighting feature.

8) Curse of the Hartford

Curse of the Hartford, a horror map that tells a complex and detailed storyline, is one example. It takes place in a large manor that is haunted by mobs and users must fight them.

There are a number of secret passages and doors in the manor that players can use if they find them. To find keys and weapons, players must search the area. This is not the best option if players want a quick map.

7) Survive in the Backrooms

Survive the Backrooms, a horror map that is based on the 4chan Urban Legend, is available. There are two modes to it: survival and artifact. While the first mode focuses on staying alive for as long as possible, the artifact mode allows gamers to unlock floors and entities through the discovery of a limited number of artifacts.

This map includes randomly generated rooms, 50+ items that can be discovered, and 13 unique floors.

6) Escape Michael Myers

This horror movie map places players in a van that is broken and in the middle of nowhere. You must fix the van before Michael Myers wanders the forest and captures you.

Van parts can be found all over the forest. It's up to the users to locate them. They will soon become tired if they run too fast.


This short horror map will help users to fight the nightmares they are experiencing. Foodblex created it and horror fans should all try it!

4) The Whispers 2.

This map shows the location of a haunted house that was abandoned many years ago. It was mysteriously abandoned by the family who left it.

You can hear whispers and voices down each corridor of the mansion. This map is for the gamer to navigate the haunted structure in order to find the missing family.

3) Five Nights at William's the End of Minecraft

This horror map is very similar in concept to Five Nights at Freddy's. This game is about users working at a dino-themed park. Once the exit collapses, they are trapped in it.

Players hear someone speaking and decide to hide in the office.

2) At Home

This terrifying horror map allows gamers to return to the home where their brother mysteriously died. Users are forced to fight for survival as they search for the cause of death for their brother.

This map of horror is very long and can take as much as three hours to complete.

1) Be careful

A psychological horror map can really mess with your brain. The story begins with the character purchasing a house for his wife.

The events that took place in the house before the users bought it are what the user fails to tell their wife. This map comes with a resource pack that can be used to make the game more interesting.